Manweiler: Should Indiana Retain A Citizens Legislature? // BPAG Insight

IN Forefront

Now that the Indiana House Ethics Committee has refused to find Representative Turner in violation of an ethics code, and he has been re-nominated by his constituents, I would like to discuss a much more important question. I will not discuss either decision nor will I pass judgment whether Representative Turner could have more ethically handled his legislative duties.

The question is: If a citizens legislature creates such catastrophic governmental problems, what is the alternative?

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Meet Dan Seitz with BPAG’s New Strategic Advisory Services Team // BPAG Insight

Dan Seitz has more than four decades of experience representing diverse public policy interests in the Indiana legislature and working with Indiana regulatory agencies. Prior to joining Bose Public Affairs Group as a principal and serving as managing principal of the firm from 2002 through 2011, Seitz was chairman of the Public Affairs Practice Group of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP. Before joining Bose McKinney & Evans, he was the vice president of governmental relations for Lincoln National Corp. based in Fort Wayne, Ind.

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Bose Report: 2014 General Assembly Overview // BPAG Insight

The 2014 Indiana General Assembly concluded this year’s short session late in the evening on March 13. This year’s session was known as a short session because the state budget is only dealt with on a biennial basis during odd-numbered years in a long session. Over the years the short sessions closely resemble the longer budget year session, just in a more condensed time period. This year seemed even more condensed due to a number of snow days which canceled session.

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